ZAIK offers you the possibility to drive your bike either with common pedaling propulsion or with unusual rowing propulsion. Both driving methods are always available on the bike, you just transform the mechanism in few easy steps using one 5mm allen key. The whole operation takes about 2 minutes of time.


While pedaling is the most efficient way to drive the bike, rowing rules, when it comes to body workout. With both propulsion methods you have the common benefits of recumbent bicycle – ultimate comfort and panoramatic view.


Against pedaling, where you just turn cranks with your legs, rowing is supposed to compose from movement of both legs and arms. So to convert the pedaling ZAIK into rowing ZAIK, you have to activate the arm drive and transform the leg driving mechanism.

a) arm drive

To activate the arm drive all you have to do is to release the locked steering bars with remote controller situated on the left bar. You just push the black button and the bars get free for the front-rear movement. Through pulling bars to your body you drive the bike, the reverse phase is relaxing. The arm drive is completely independent on the leg propulsion, so you can use it in any occasion – as part of rowing, additionally to pedaling or alone. Therefore you actually have 5 different propulsion methods in 1 vehicle – pedaling /rowing / arm drive / pedaling+arm drive / rowing+arm drive.

Locking is as easy and instant as unlocking. You push the blue button on the controller and then with the light front or rear movement of the bars find the closest locking position.

Maybe you are courious about the steering stability of the vehicle when the arm drive is activated? It is essential to hold the bars relaxed and it definitely requires practice, but you get used to it in short time.

push blue button = arm drive OFF

push black button = arm drive ON

b) leg drive

There are 3 basic steps when transforming the pedaling propulsion into rowing propulsion. You turn one crank in opposite direction to have both left and right pedals in the same distance from the seat, then you lock the crank axis rotation in the slider bottom bracket and finally you release fixation of the slider on the beam.

Please follow the ilustration below to check the specific case.


-remove axis bolt, release crank bolts-


-pull out the right crank, turn the locking insert inside out-

-assemble the crank in reverse, release first the lever, then the knobs-